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Healthcare Interpreters

The CoreCHI™ and CHI™ are the nation's highest certification credentials available to healthcare interpreters


Hospitals &
Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers choose CCHI certified interpreters - CoreCHI™ and CHI™ - as their preferred means of ensuring language access. Join us and demonstrate your commitment to quality care and patient safety.


Language Service Providers

Healthcare providers depend on you to have trained and qualified interpreters. It is just smart business to validate your hiring practices and training with CCHI credentials.


Training Providers

Healthcare interpreters and providers choose CCHI accredited continuing education programs. CCHI accreditation ensures your program's credibility and visibility.


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

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Accredited Continuing Education Programs

The full list of continuing education programs accredited through CEAP is available by clicking the "Find an Accredited Training Provider" blue button from any page of our website or here.


Don't miss NCIHC's webinar on October 29 at 5 pm EDT/ 4 pm CDT/ 2 pm PDT - "Remote but Highly Engaged..."! It is accredited by CEAP for 1 CE hour (CEAP ID # 02397). To register, go to


American Translators Association (ATA) accredited 36 preconference and regular sessions at their 56th Annual Confernce for 44 CE hours (CEAP ID#02399).


Berkshire Area Health Education Center (MA) accredted a 1-hour online program "You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention" (CEAP ID #02392).


Bilingual Training Consultants LLC (WI) accredited their annual conference "Ramp UP the Conversation - Interpreters Matter: Modes, Moods and Memory" (CEAP ID #02395) for 6 CE hours.


Cesco Linguistic Services (CO) accredited their event "“It Breaks My Heart” - Interpreting for Trauma" for 7 CE hours (CEAP ID#02394).


Joe Hernandez Interpreting Services (CA) accredited the course "Medical Terms Translated: English to Mandatin" for 6 CE hours total (CEAP ID #02396).


Language Access Network (Columbus, OH) accredited the workshop "Breast Cancer: Early Detection and Treatment" (CEAP ID #02389) for 2.5 CE hours.


Reach-reachin diversity (CA, online and on-site) will offer their 8-hour workshop "Medical Terminology Boot Camp I" (CEAP ID #00053) in:

Arabic - on November 21, 2015

English - on December 3, 2015

Spanish - on December 11, 2015



*** Pricing Update for Educators ***


CCHI announces special pricing for accrediting with CEAP performance based training (PBT) as of 07/01/15To learn more click here.


Prerequisite Beginner-level Programs

The listing of the training opportunities in this section is sponsored by the training providers. CCHI does not accredit, preapprove or endorse beginner-level programs. For more information about beginner-level programs, visit our Prerequisite Training Programs page here.

Trainers who offer certification preparation courses or any beginner-level trainings can place their advertisement here. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing.

* * * by Magnus offers a a 40-hour course "Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training Program" designed to prepare a bi-cultural and bi-lingual individual for the national certification exams. For more information, visit


Interpreter Education Online now offers language proficiency tests to interpreters who need to assess their language skills for employment purposes, or who need to provide proof of their language proficiency before taking the certification exams. Likewise, language proficiency tests are also available to employers who wish to vet the linguistic abilities of current or prospective employees. More information on the tests can be found here.



The Language Initiatives Program at the Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers an array of innovative and highly interactive trainings for interpreters, providers, and patients.

Our student-centered medical interpreting courses encourage active and creative participation. Students act as providers, patients, and interpreters as they explore the role and the ethics of the interpreter in a health care setting and learn about the complexities of the biomedical culture through a collection of nationally recognized videos presented as case studies. Students are required to submit voice recording interpreting assignments of medical exchanges that resemble real life encounters and receive timely and structured feedback from our language coaches. They also have access to a wealth of resources on our website, including bilingual glossaries and local and national interpreter organizations dedicated to the growth of the profession. Our students acquire the cultural and linguistic competencies to seamlessly facilitate clear and cohesive patient-provider communication.

Founded by a medical doctor in 1989, our Program is staffed with linguists certified as interpreters by CCHI and medical researchers. We are founding members of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care and active advisors to CCHI. We have trained over 2,000 individuals in more than 20 languages and host the Program for Medical Interpreting Services and Education, PROMISE (a highly popular NYC based training and employment program for interpreters).

We offer: Medical Interpreter Training (Consecutive and/or Simultaneous), including Dual Role; Preparation Workshops for the CCHI Examinations; an Online Practicum through our Multilingual Virtual Language Lab (VITAL); Interpreter Screening and Evaluation, among others. We also train providers and health care staff on how to effectively work with medical interpreters. All our trainings include a language specific component.

Courses can be held on-site, at the provider facilities or online. 

For additional information visit us at, and/or contact: Javier González at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Show your commitment to improving quality care and patient safety, and choose CCHI-credentialed and certified interpreters.

To obtain CCHI’s credentials, candidates pay fees in separate steps:

You can help your interpreters, staff or contractors, either by purchasing the exams on their behalf, or by organizing your interpreters in groups so they can purchase the exams collectively. Both options will receive our volume discount rates.  Our discount rates start if you purchase a minimum of 10 exams.

There are two options of applying the discount rates:

  1. You receive a special code (for a specified number of exams) which your interpreters enter at the time of submitting their applications and paying for their exams.

  2. You give us a list of the corresponding interpreters’ names, and then we keep track of their payments.

If you are interested in receiving a volume discount when purchasing CCHI exams, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Interpreter training providers play a key role in ensuring that a skilled healthcare interpreter workforce can meet the growing demands of the nation’s limited English proficient populations. A credentialed healthcare interpreter is not merely bilingual, but someone who can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and ability to interpret in a healthcare setting and can prove this expertise by successfully passing the Commission for Healthcare Interpreter Certification’s CoreCHI™ and/or CHI™ exam. Community Colleges and other training providers are well positioned to respond to emerging educational and job force development needs by offering quality training and career guidance that taps the highest potential of local communities, including speakers of other languages.