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Healthcare Interpreters

The CoreCHI™ and CHI™ are the nation's highest certification credentials available to healthcare interpreters


Hospitals &
Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers choose CCHI certified interpreters - CoreCHI™ and CHI™ - as their preferred means of ensuring language access. Join us and demonstrate your commitment to quality care and patient safety.


Language Service Providers

Healthcare providers depend on you to have trained and qualified interpreters. It is just smart business to validate your hiring practices and training with CCHI credentials.


Training Providers

Healthcare interpreters and providers choose CCHI accredited continuing education programs. CCHI accreditation ensures your program's credibility and visibility.


Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

Free Webinar on January 31

Did you know that CCHI accredits conference sessions for Continuing Education hours? In 2013, CCHI developed the Continuing Education Accreditation Program (CEAP) to assess, analyze, and accredit continuing education programs for healthcare interpreters. CEAP is open to all training providers and entities who offer workshops, courses or conference sessions which are beyond a beginner-level difficulty and align with any of the knowledge domains defining the job of a healthcare interpreter.

With the number of CCHI credential holders growing nationwide, there is a pressing need for the development of ongoing continuing education programs. The profession of healthcare interpreting is becoming increasingly more complex and more sophisticated. CEAP is committed to staying on the leading edge of those changes. Our mission is to help healthcare interpreters gain and maintain interpreting competence and prevent professional obsolescence. Trainers working in conjunction with CEAP are well positioned to fill that need.

Please join Natalya Mytareva, CCHI Managing Director, on January 31, 2014 at 1 pm ET/ 12 pm CT/ 10 am PT, and learn all about how to accredit your conference sessions and presentations, and attract more interpreters who seek CE hours. This webinar is for conference organizers and presenters. Space is limited. To register for this free webinar please click on this link:

Free Webinar on February 7 at 1 pm ET/ 12 pm CT/ 10 am PT

The purpose of the CoreCHI™ certification is to offer all interpreters regardless of their language of interpreting a valid professional standard, that helps distinguish a professional interpreter from a bilingual person. The CoreCHI™ written exam assesses the core professional knowledge as well as critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and cultural responsiveness skills and abilities needed to perform the duties of the healthcare interpreter. 

Join us if you would like to know:
- How was this generalist credential exam designed?
- What value does it have for interpreters, their employers and patients?
- What core knowledge, abilities and skills of the healthcare interpreter does it measure?
- How to prepare for the CoreCHI™ exam?
- What to expect at the test center?

This webinar is for interpreters who are preparing to take the CoreCHI™ exam and those who are only considering professional certification.

Space is limited. To register for this free webinar please click on this link:


One of the top priorities for CCHI is listening carefully to the voices in the healthcare interpreting field, the voices of various stakeholders.


Community of certified interpreters is growing fast. The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) now counts over 1,280 certified interpreters - CoreCHI™ and CHI™ credential holders. And even more interpreters have started their certification journey and are preparing to take their exams. More and more language companies support medical interpreter certification. They require or prefer certification as a prerequisite for hire and reimburse interpreters for the certification expenses. At the same time there are plenty of challenges to the national certification.

CCHI Commissioners are eager to understand the reality of the interpreter services market, your perceptions of certification, your opinions about the barriers, and your suggestions on how to overcome them.

Please complete a short survey by May 15, 2014: The survey has 15 questions and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.


Please share the survey link with other language service providers - for-profit companies and non-profit organizations - in your circles!


On June 29 CCHI received NCCA accreditation of its Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI™) (Spanish) program by submitting an application demonstrating the program’s compliance with the NCCA’s Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (formerly the National Organization for Competency Assurance). Since 1977, the NCCA has been accrediting certifying programs based on the highest quality standards in professional certification to ensure the programs adhere to modern standards of practice in the certification industry. To view the standards visit

“CCHI is the first and only organization certifying healthcare interpreters to receive NCCA accreditation,” said Natalya Mytareva, CCHI Chair.

Good news travels fast. By the following Monday morning, the American Hospital Association News for July 2, 2012 featured CCHI in the headline story: Certification Program for Health Care Interpreters Receives Accreditation. Emails, phone calls and messages of congratulations and celebrations began pouring into CCHI this month from legions of healthcare interpreters who helped CCHI create the CHI™ certification programs.

There are more than 260 NCCA accredited programs that certify individuals in a wide range of professions and occupations including nurses, financial professionals, respiratory therapists, counselors, emergency technicians and more.

“Our NCCA accreditation journey began on the day CCHI was launched, July 1, 2009, because we were 100 percent committed to creating the best, most valid, most credible professional certification for healthcare interpreters, which directly benefits patient safety, health care providers, and interpreters who work in more than 139 languages,” said Mara Youdelman, J.D., CCHI’s Founding Chair.

Fred Hobby, CEO, Institute for Diversity in Health Management, and CCHI Commissioner from 2009 to 2011 said, “NCCA accreditation awarded to CCHI is an outstanding achievement, plus strong and clear recognition of CCHI’s leadership and a strong sense of equity in health care for all we are privileged to serve. CCHI appreciates, tremendously, all who volunteered their time and personal resources to make quality communications the hallmark of quality care. CCHI is now the gold standard by which all other interpreter services programs will be measured.”