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Competence Assurance Process

CCHI's certification program ensures the consistency of professional competencies, standards and practices among healthcare interpreters across the healthcare field.

By making  CCHI certification a requisite for job applications and a requirement for hiring interpreters or contracting with vendors of language services, managers of Interpreter Services and Programs will not need to set up time-consuming and costly ways to assess the qualifications of hired or contracted services.  Why?

CCHI offers a three-step healthcare interpreter competence assurance process based on the best national practices and standards validated through a third-party accreditation by NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies):

  1. Rigorous application process that determines if a bilingual person meets the prerequisite requirements and qualifies to take a certification examination.
  2. Taking and passing CCHI’s Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter (CoreCHI™) and language-specific oral performance CHI™ examinations that measure the medical interpreter’s knowledge, abilities and skills necessary to perform their job tasks in an independent, safe and culturally appropriate manner.
  3. Certification maintenance requires all certificants to meet CCHI’s Continuing Education and Work Experience Requirements that are designed to prevent the interpreter’s knowledge and skills obsolescence.

By hiring or contracting CCHI-certified interpreters, you get an authoritative third-party assurance that interpreters can perform entry-level job tasks in all three modes of interpreting – consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation – in a variety of medical and healthcare settings, efficiently and safely.

Learn more about "Interpreter certification and skills maintenance as key elements of quality assurance" by viewing the webinar recording or reviewing the PowerPoint slides.


Our National Healthcare Interpreter Registry allows any healthcare administrator, employer or contractor of interpreters to:

  • verify the person’s certification status through a name search, and
  • search for certified interpreters by city, state, or language.