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STEP 5: Prepare for Your Exam

The last step in the process is to get prepared to take your exam(s). Within four weeks after your application is submitted, you will receive an email notification confirming your eligibility and providing instructions for how to schedule your examination.

To prepare for your exam:

  • 1 Download and review the Test Content Outline to prepare. This document was used to create the CoreCHI™ and CHI™ exams.
  • 2 Use CCHI's Exams Study Checklist to develop a personal study plan. This could include self study, finding a study buddy or group..
  • 3 Review our sample questions in the CCHI’s Candidate's Examination Handbook.
  • 4 Watch CCHI’s webinars about both examinations and how to prepare for them (Sorry for the inconvenience, we are updating our materials. Please check again in Feb 2018). See the PowerPoint slides about the CoreCHI exam. View PowerPoint slides about the CHI™ exam (include screenshots of actual exam).
  • 5 Review and understand the healthcare interpreter’s code of ethics and standards of practice (scroll down to the bottom of the screen).
  • 6 Take the CoreCHI™ Practice Exam. to familiarize yourself with computer-based testing and the type of questions the actual exam contains. (go to our online training portal - click on the Practice Exam title, and you'll be prompted to create a special account for this webpage or login if you already have an account; this account is separate from your CCHI profile.) Keep in mind that you are not required to take the CoreCHI ™ Practice Exam before scheduling your actual exam. Our proctors at the test center will show you how to navigate the computer-based exam before you start.
  • Take the CHI™ Practice Exam (You are not required to take this exam). The practice exams are free, just click on the exam title and enter the enrollment key specified in the description.
  • 7 For the CHI™ exam, create your own vignettes, use YouTube videos, or purchase existing material.
  • 8 Work with a language partner or record yourself and evaluate for accuracy and completeness.
  • 9 Work on your memory skills.
  • 10 Gather different healthcare documents and instructions given to patients in various settings (i.e., intake, legal waivers, patient education materials, consent forms, etc.) and work with them to improve your sight translation skills and terminology knowledge.

These materials are also all located in the Certification Resources section of this website.

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