Training Providers

Training Providers

Beginner-level (Basic Skills) Training Programs

Ensure that interpreters graduating from your beginner-level/basic skills training have professional recognition of their qualifications.  Bundle your training with CCHI credentials.  CCHI provides incentives to help you get all of your students certified to gain a competitive edge. Our team is ready to walk through the steps today. Read more >


Interpreting Certificate Programs at Community Colleges

We are seeing an emergent national trend of community colleges offering healthcare interpreting courses and certificate programs. They are tasked with preparing new generations of interpreters for entering the field. Such programs generate new talent who are ready to take a national professional certification exam upon graduation. As in other professions, while a college certificate is a starting point, a national certification is the seal of approval that allows an interpreter to practice independently and competently.


Read about successful interpreter educators.


Advertise with CCHI:

The best way to get exposure to your basic skills training is to advertise it.  You may view the Advertising Policy and CCHI's Rate Card by clicking on the corresponding titles.  There are three ways to advertise with us:

  1. Banner Advertisement on this website
  2. Advertisement in the CCHI’s monthly electronic Newsletter
  3. Email to CCHI Customers

If you choose to purchase a banner ad or an ad in our Newsletter, your program will receive a complimentary listing on a special resources page for interpreters for the respective number of months.

Continuing Education

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Accredit your training program with our Continuing Education Accreditation Program (CEAP) and guarantee your continuing education program's credibility to interpreters seeking to maintain their skills.  Interpreters and healthcare providers choose CCHI-accredited continuing education programs and conferences.

Understand the Benefits of Accreditation

Review National Healthcare Interpreter CE Accreditation Program: Applicant's Manual

Read the CEAP Guidelines

Review the Fee Structure

See the PowerPoint slides about Developing Performance Based Training (webinar of 05/29/15) or Replay the webinar

See the PowerPoint slides about the CEAP accreditation process (includes application screenshots)

Register Your Organization with CEAP

Interpreting Industry Conferences