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nichc - logoThe Core Medical Interpreter Training Program™ provides students with intensive training to prepare for the challenges within a growing and competitive health care marketplace.

This program is offered to bilingual or multilingual individuals, who are either currently working in health care or are interested in obtaining an entry-level credential in the field. The training covers all basic aspects of interpreting in healthcare, including the roles, modes, ethics, and current professional and regulatory guidelines.

Our 60 to 100-hour program covers strategies for effective communication between different cultures in the health care setting. The training includes twelve hours of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology; eight hours on the Codes of Ethics, and intensive role-playing to gain new skills and significantly improve patient safety. Our goal is to promote National Best Practice Standards in Professional Medical Interpreting for all limited-English-proficient (LEP) patients requiring assistance.

CMIT is the only national 60 to 100-hour basic medical interpreter training program created by interpreters for interpreters, summarizing more than 20 years of experience in training and working in medical interpreting.

The only national 60- to 100-hour Basic Medical Interpreter Training Program in compliance with the newly recommended National Training Guidelines and surpassing the requirements for National Certification.

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