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Language barriers between healthcare providers and their patients not only cause confusion, but can open to the door to poor quality of clinical care and severe racial and ethnic health disparities. That’s why healthcare providers of all types and sizes rely on the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) as the nationally recognized voice for setting the standard for quality in healthcare interpreting. Requiring your interpreters to obtain a national CCHI certification is a most efficient way to comply with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and The Joint Commission Accreditation requirements.


CCHI invited Mara Youdelman, managing attorney of the National Health Law Program and a founding Commissioner of CCHI, to clarify the meaning of Section 1557 for healthcare administrators and interpreters. She presented the webinar "Implications of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act for Provision of Language Assistance to Patients with LEP" on 11/10/2016. To see the webinar slides click here, and to re-play the webinar, click here.


Here’s how we help healthcare providers:

1. National Certification and Standardization of Medical Interpreters

For providers with current or prospective bilingual or multi-lingual staff, we provide national certification of medical interpreters covering areas of managing an interpreting encounter, healthcare terminology, interacting with patients and healthcare professionals, cultural responsiveness and other vital functions throughout the patient-interpreter-provider interaction.

Read more to better understand interpreter certification.


We offer two types of certification:

CoreCHI™: The CoreCHI™ certification is THE one certification every interpreter of any language needs to have and can have today. This certification tests medical interpreters of any language on the core professional knowledge as well as critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and cultural responsiveness skills needed to perform the interpreter's duties in any healthcare setting.

CHI™: Language-specific performance certification for Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin interpreters focusing on testing their interpreting skills and abilities. Additional emphasis is placed on all modes of interpreting in a healthcare encounter, sight translation, and healthcare document translation.

Begin the first steps in national certification for your medical interpreters.


2. Nationally Registry of CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreters

For hospitals without medical interpreting staff or resources, we can help you find a certified healthcare interpreter. Providers also use this database to verify certification.

Access the CCHI's National Interpreter Registry.


The Value of CCHI Certification

  • One recognized, standardized guide for hospitals with medical interpreters
  • Meets Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act requirements for qualified medical interpreters (for webinar slides click here)
  • Meets The Joint Commission’s requirements for language access.
  • Improves diagnostic times, quality of care, and overall patient satisfaction
  • Lowers risk of medical malpractice and potential lawsuit liability, including federal sanctions for non-compliance
  • Adheres to state and federal governance on equal access to delivery of care


Complying with Rules and Regulations Governing Language Access to Health Care

CCHI certifications help ensure that you comply with Title 6, The Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements for providing language access. When you don’t have CCHI certified healthcare interpreters, you risk:

  • Loss of federal funding due to unqualified interpreters interpreters
  • The Joint Commission accreditation
  • non-compliance with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (for webinar slides click here)
  • Office for Civil Rights investigation
  • Patient compliance, safety and higher readmission rate.

Read more about language access and legal requirements here.


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