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CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ credential is awarded to candidates who passed two certification examinations that cover the core knowledge of healthcare interpreting and a demonstration of language-specific interpreting skills. A healthcare interpreter will take the CoreCHI™ multiple-choice examination and the CHI™ examination, an oral performance exam that includes a number of vignettes testing consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation via headsets with oral answers, and translation as a multiple-choice question.

CoreCHI™ Examination - A computer-based, 100-question, multiple-choice exam in English that covers the core knowledge of healthcare interpreting.  The CCHI Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ Examination focuses on the following five categories of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Managing an Interpreting Encounter

  • Theories and best practices identified in healthcare interpreting.

Healthcare Terminology

  • Medical terminology found in healthcare interpreting, including dental and mental health terminology.

Interact with Other Healthcare Professionals

  • Best practices when working with the healthcare team.
  • Advocacy and how it is properly employed based on healthcare interpreting scope of practice.

Prepare for an Interpreting Encounter

  • Demonstration of knowledge based on medical terminology, scope of practice, code of ethics and expectations of the health team and clients.

Cultural Responsiveness

  • Knowledge of culture of the client, healthcare environment and healthcare professionals.


After passing the CoreCHI™ examination, interpreters who provide interpreting services in Spanish, Mandarin, or Arabic are not eligible to receive the Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™ certification credential.  They must take both the CoreCHI™ and CHI™ examinations before their CHI™ certifcation credential will be granted.


CHI™ Examination - A language-specific performance exam includes a demonstration of interpreting skills in all modes of interpreting and focuses on the following two domains of knowledge, skills and abilities. The examination is conducted online via computer and is scored by independent raters who do not know candidate's identity.

Interpreting in a Healthcare Encounter

  • Interpret Spoken Communication utilizing consecutive and simultaneous interpreting modes.
  • Communication is performed accurately within a cultural and environmental context.

Sight Translate/Translate Healthcare Documents

  • Knowledge of sight translation and written translation concepts.



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How is Your CHI™ Examination Scored?

The oral performance CHI™ examination consists of seven questions(or “vignettes”) scored by human raters and one four-option, multiple-choice question scored electronically as a single correct response. Raters score the examination by applying the Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale which was developed and validated by CCHI’s Subject Matter Experts under the guidance of a nationally-recognized psychometrician. All raters have undergone extensive training and are monitored by a psychometrician to assure valid and reliable performance. Raters do not know candidate identities when scoring examinations. Each oral response is scored by two raters. Total scores are weighted according to CCHI’s Technical Report on the Development and Pilot Testing of the CCHI Examination (see page 12) and scaled to the distribution of 300 to 600 with the passing score set at 450. Since different forms of the test may differ slightly in difficulty, a statistical procedure called equating is used to ensure that the passing score of 450 is comparable from form to form. The score report indicates whether candidates scored low by section (e.g. consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation) to help candidates identify weaker areas for future study in case a candidate doesn’t pass the examination.

Candidates will receive the official results within approximately six-eight weeks of completing the CHI™ examination via email. The method of scoring is described in more detail in the Technical Report on the Development and Pilot Testing of the CCHI Examination (see pages 20-22).