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CCHI Logo and Trademark Usage Guidelines

You may view the Policy on using the CCHI logo and trademarks by clicking on the title.  Please read the guidelines carefully and submit your request in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before using CCHI's logo.

If you have questions about these guidelines, or if you become aware of any unauthorized use of any CCHI mark, you can send an e-mail to CCHI to the email address specified above. Please include a copy or screen shot of unauthorized use with the e-mail.

Click here to view the Guide to the Use of the CoreCHI™ Mark. It is not to be used by interpreters working in languages for which the CHI™ certification exists (not for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish).

Click here to view the Guide to the Use of the CHI™ Mark. It applies to interpreters wokring in languages for which the CHI™ oral examination exists (Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish).


ADA Accommodation Procedures

Whenever possible, CCHI is committed to providing reasonable accommodation in its examination processes to individuals with disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Appropriate accommodations will be provided to qualified individuals with disabilities to the extent that such accommodation does not fundamentally alter the examination, or cause an undue burden to CCHI or the agency administering the examination.

It is the responsibility of individuals with disabilities to notify CCHI in writing of the applicant’s need for an accommodation and submit the pertinent supporting documentation in electronic format at the time of submitting a request for scheduling an exam via our online application system no later than 45 days before the examination date. Applicants must state the type of accommodation(s) needed, in addition to providing current and appropriate documentation of the disability.

If a special need arises after the candidate submits a request for scheduling but before they actually take an exam, the candidate must complete and submit CCHI’s ADA Accommodation Request Form (click here to download this form or see it in Appendix E of the Candidate's Examination Handbook). This form and accompanying documentation may be submitted by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CCHI has specific ADA accommodations for candidates who are blind or have low vision:

ADA Accommodation Procedure for the CoreCHI™ Examination

ADA Accommodation Procedure for the CHI™ Examination

CCHI has specific ADA accommodations for candidates who need help operating a mouse/keyboard:

ADA Accommodation for Actuator-Assisted Examinations


Confidentiality Policy

CCHI respects the privacy of all applicants and candidates. All materials submitted or received in connection with applications and all test scores are held in confidence, except upon permission for disclosure from the applicant or candidate or except as required by law, including disclosure to governmental licensing bodies upon appropriate written request.

CCHI has established a number of policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of its examination procedures and protect applicant and candidate privacy:

  • With candidate permission, CCHI may release exam results to the educational program(s) which the candidate graduated from to assist the educational program or aid in reimbursement of fees. Individual candidate results may be counted, without authorization, in aggregate data gathered for program evaluation and reporting purposes.
  • Performance feedback reports providing data on exam performance will be released only to the candidate.
  • All exam content and materials are strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone except those involved in the development and administration of the exam.
  • Official exam results are sent via e-mail to candidates only.
  • CCHI may provide verification of certification status without authorization.
  • CCHI will maintain a system of safeguarding confidential information provided by applicants/candidates and those granted certification.

No outside agency or persons shall have access to any individual’s files/records unless permission is granted in writing by the applicant/candidate or credentialed individual. In the event of legal proceedings, records will have to be requested in writing by the court or the individual’s legal counsel.

Individuals may elect to have their name withheld from publication in the online directory of certificants.  These individuals are listed in CCHI’s Credential Verification, and the Interpreter Registry, available at https://cchi.learningbuilder.com/Account/Login.

CCHI reserves the right to independently verify all information submitted by applicants on their applications or as supplementary materials. CCHI authorized individuals will check applications for accuracy of information. Information may be verified by telephone, e-mail, and/or letter. All information obtained through verification procedures will be confidential except in instances where the law demands disclosure. Should any information submitted by an applicant on the application or as supplementary material be found false, the applicant will be notified and declared ineligible to continue in the application and credentialing process. If the applicant has been granted a credential, the credential may be revoked.


Disciplinary Policy

You may view the Disciplinary Policy by clicking on the title above.


Non-Discrimination Policy

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) endorses the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination. CCHI does not discriminate with regard to age, gender, national origin, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by federal or state law.


Examination Retake Policy

Candidates who do not pass the CoreCHI™ or CHI™ examination may re-take either examination. If the eligibility requirements (prerequisites) are changed after the examination, CCHI will determine if an applicant has to meet the new prerequisites.

Candidates can retake the CoreCHI™ exam after a 90-day waiting period. Candidates can retake the CHI™ oral performance exam after either a 90-day waiting period or during the next testing window, whichever occurs first. Candidates can take any exam up to three times within a one year period.

The waiting time between retakes is mandatory in order to preserve the integrity of the tests and allow the candidate to improve their knowledge and performance.


Security Procedures and Protocols

Candidates must agree to abide by CCHI’s policies protecting the integrity of CCHI’s certification examination at the time of submitting their application. The online application contains the Statement of Understanding that, among other issues, states:

“I understand that all examination content is confidential. I agree not to discuss it with anyone except for CCHI authorized representatives if needed to exercise my right to provide feedback, describe exam irregularity or appeal. I understand that disclosure of the examination content is a violation of CCHI’s Disciplinary Policy, and CCHI will apply sanctions deemed appropriate pursuant to the said policy and may seek legal action against me.

I agree to abide by all CCHI’s policies, including but not limited to CCHI’s Confidentiality and Disciplinary Policies as well as all instructions regarding taking any of CCHI’s examinations.”

Candidates must abide by the testing administration security procedures that are stated in:

 Failure to comply with CCHI's security policies and procedures may result in disciplinary sanctions. See CCHI's Disciplinary Policy for the incident review process and possible sanctions.


Acceptance of Gifts Policy

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) accepts monetary and in‐kind support from private and public organizations to pursue the development of a single, national, valid, credible and vendor‐neutral certification program for healthcare interpreters. To help ensure the independence, integrity, credibility, and validity of its work, the CCHI adheres to the following principles and policies in accepting such support. In general, the CCHI accepts monetary and in‐kind support that:

  1. Does not affect the Commission’s independence to pursue its work;
  2. Does not endanger the Commission’s integrity or reputation.

The determination of whether financial support is being provided as a gift will be based upon the guidance provided below, and will depend upon the particular characteristics of the funder and funding.


Advertising Policy

There are three ways to advertise with CCHI:

  1. Banner Advertisement on this website
  2. Advertisement in the CCHI’s monthly electronic Newsletter
  3. Email to CCHI Customers

You may view the Advertising Policy and CCHI's Rate Card by clicking on the corresponding titles.


Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of this document is to set forth a clear description of who is eligible for participation as a commissioner to the CCHI; how eligible persons will be admitted as commissioner or working group/committee member; and the rights and obligations associated with being a commissioner or working group/committee member to the CCHI.

Each commissioner agrees to share completely any and all of their own materials and information related to National Healthcare Interpreter Certification in order to inform and further the work of the CCHI.

Upon request, each committee/working group member agrees to share completely any and all of their own materials and information related to National Healthcare Interpreter Certification in order to inform and further the work of the CCHI.

“Materials or information related to healthcare interpreting” include all materials or information that reasonably might further the development of National Healthcare Interpreter Certification, including without limitation materials related to pre‐qualifications, training, certification testing, or continuing education.