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2nd National Job Task Analysis Study of Healthare Interpreters

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A Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey is a tool to identify the current knowledge, skills and abilities needed to competently perform the job of an interpreter in any U.S. healthcare setting and in any interpreting modality. This process is a requirement of the standards and policies for competency assessment established by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, which accredits CCHI’s healthcare interpreter certification program.

CCHI conducted its first national JTA of healthcare interpreters in 2010. That national survey was completed by over 2,400 interpreters, trainers and supervisors/managers. The results from that survey led to the creation of our certification exams.

Six years have passed, and our profession has witnessed some changes. It is crucial that we, a national professional certification program, stay abreast of the changes and ensure that our certification exams’ content remains current and relevant.

CCHI has contracted with Castle Worldwide, an accomplished certification and licensure testing company, to conduct the JTA Study. Dr. James Henderson, Castle’s Executive Vice-President and Senior Psychometrician, oversees the project.

Fifteen volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were selected from across the U.S. to participate in the JTA panel. They reviewed the definition of the profession, discussed the current situation, and drafted the survey. To read more about the JTA panel, click here.

JTA survey is a tool to define the healthcare interpreter profession as it exists today, thoroughly, accurately, and without any bias. And this definition must come from the profession itself - not just an expert panel, or a focus group, or industry leaders – but the entire profession.

To learn more about the JTA study, click here for the webinar recording (held on May 20, 2016) - National Job Task Analysis of the Healthcare Interpreter Profession: What? How? Why?. Or view the PowerPoint slides.

Step 4 of the 2nd national Job Task Analysis study is complete! Over 2,300 participated in the JTA survey in May-July, 2016. For statistical analysis, 2,095 responses will be used.

We wholeheartedly THANK YOU for completing the survey!

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Congratulations! And stay tuned for the JTA study report which will be published by the end of the year.