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CCHI Certified Interpreter Oath

(Courtesy of Jose Garcia, President of CHIA)


I hereby declare, on oath, that I will interpret accurately and completely to the best of my ability all verbal content, taking into account the cultural and non-verbal context of all messages from all parties involved, without changing their meaning, adding or omitting anything.

While doing so:

1. I will support the patient-provider professional relationship, and I will protect the health and well-being of the patient as the most sacred aspect of my duties as an interpreter.

2. I will protect the privacy of all parties and maintain confidential the information that I interpret.

3. I will inform patients and healthcare providers of my duty and responsibility to respect their autonomy by being impartial.

4. I will treat everyone equally and with respect, regardless of their race, color, national origin, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or cultural beliefs.

5. I will conduct myself with integrity, in a manner consistent with the highest standards of practice for my profession, and the respect my fellow interpreters deserve.

6. I will respect the differences, and value the cultural similarities of all; understanding that culture and diversity have a fundamental impact on how health is perceived, how health care is sought and delivered.

7. I will admit my errors, and I will correct them as soon as I become aware of them, and I shall not hesitate to ask clarification for what I do not know or understand.

I make this pledge in the name of the duties and responsibilities that I humbly accept by becoming a Certified Healthcare Interpreter.

©2015, CCHI