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CE Webinar Materials, August 13, 2016


Thank you for attending CCHI's webinar "Demystifying Sight Translation in Healthcare Settings"! We do NOT issue certificates for viewing the PowerPoint slides or other materials provided on this page.

If you need to receive a certificate, please complete the online training module now available at To enroll in the online training module on that page, first, read instructions below the webinar title, then click on the title of the webinar to create an account or log in.


Here are the links to the materials used during the webinar:

  • Webinar PowerPoint slides
  • Documents used in Sight Translation exercises can be downloaded from these links:

"General Consent for Care and Treatment Consent" by Appledore Medical Group:

"General Consent and Acknowledgement Form" by Jackson Purchase Medical Associates:

"General Consent for Treatment" by Tolland Imaging Center, LLC:


We are looking for volunteers of different languages to form language-specific Terminology Committees for the Mini-Glossaries project. If you are interested, please sign up online at and specify “Mini-Glossaries Project” in the appropriate field.  Or just send us the translation of the mini-glossaries into your language to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with any comments or suggestions.